Meet the team

It’s our brilliant team that makes LGF the great place it is…

We thought you might want to meet the people who spend most of their days with your little ones.

Adelie Westhead
B.A. Hons Advanced Study of Early Years with Qualified Teacher Status Early Years Professional Status
I am a mum of two boys, both of whom came to The Little Green Frog.
Before becoming a mum I worked as a nursery teacher and then as a teacher in a children’s centre.

I love watching children explore their environment and develop their own learning style. I believe that the role of the adult is integral to this and it is a privilege to play my part.

Being the manager at The Little Green Frog gives me chance to help practitioners develop their skills too, adults need many of the same things as the children do: space, nurturing, challenges and satisfaction – that’s how we like to work at The Little Green Frog!

Things I like outside of the nursery: Dancing, climbing and lego (with my boys!)
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Chenice Bentley
Cache Level 3 diploma in childcare and education
I studied at Park Lane College and then worked with a child-minder before starting work here in 2012.

I work in both rooms of the nursery and I enjoy the variety of this, I love watching the children grow and develop but my favourite thing about working with children is getting to know all of their individual characters.

It’s really rewarding to find ways of supporting each child in the way that they need.

Things I like outside of the nursery: Cinema, babysitting for my family, baking and playing pool
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Shaun Myers
NVQ 3 Childcare, learning and development
I started working at The Little Green Frog in 2006. I like working with children because it is so rewarding to be part of their lives.
I enjoy getting to know the whole family and working with parents to help their children develop.

I have worked with the older children at nursery but I am happiest working with the babies because they really rely on me to help them do everything and to keep them comfortable and safe. It’s a great feeling to know I help them.

Things I like outside of the nursery: Friendships, horse riding, helping at a dog kennels
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Abbie Longthorn
NVQ 1 Child care learning and development
Working with children is something I’ve always wanted to do. It’s fun rewarding and the most important job in the world!
I love the children at The Little Green Frog, they are all so different and that’s what makes it so interesting – I enjoy finding out ways to involve each of them in our play.

Things I like outside of nursery: meeting up with friends for shopping, camping or country walks.
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Sabina Rai
I am from Nepal and came to England in 2010. Before working at The Little Green Frog I did voluntary work in England and Nepal.
I love supporting children’s learning through play and also by teaching them letters and numbers. It’s really rewarding to know that I am helping the children develop their skills for the future.

Things I like outside of the nursery: Cooking, painting, tennis and traveling.
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Helen Parkinson
NNEB (level 3)
I have been working with children for over 35 years. I tried growing up and getting an adult job once but I didn’t like it, because I missed the children so much! So I came to work at The Little Green Frog in 2010.

I love doing anything creative or anything to do with stories the children really enjoy these activities as well which I find rewarding. I also love being an influence on the children’s development, I enjoy helping them to become independent, get along together and enjoy themselves.

Things I like outside of the nursery: Amateur dramatics, sewing, DIY (if I must!)
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Margaret Quince
I came to work as the administrator at The Little Green Frog in 2010. Before that I had worked in administration jobs in a variety of businesses and had trained for a career in horticulture in 1996, which I also enjoyed.

Having never worked in a nursery before I didn’t know what to expect and I find that I rarely go through a day without the children putting a smile on my face! I like it when they pop into the office for little chats…

Things I like outside of nursery: Singing, walking and cooking
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Laura Hobson
I recently completed my BA in English at Leeds Trinity University and was looking for a career which makes a difference to people’s lives.
I love working with the children at The Little Green Frog, they are fun to be around and they certainly let me know what I can do to help them! I am hoping to progress further with my studies and this time I am considering a postgraduate education course.

Things I like outside of nursery: I have a wide selection of hobbies and interests ranging from Medieval history to crochet. I am also learning Japanese in my spare time.
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Ruth Johnson
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Primary)
Early Years Professional Status
I started babysitting and running children’s parties at 14 and have worked with children ever since, in holiday clubs,
nurseries and as a teacher in schools. This is what I have always wanted to do.

I opened the nursery in 2005 and in the beginning I ran the nursery with my husband and both of our children attended the nursery. But the children have graduated to school and my husband has his own business manufacturing and distributing U-NU, a creative construction toy that was invented for this nursery!

Now I spend time teaching the children, which is my favourite part of my work because it is a very creative and rewarding process. It’s a fantastic feeling to build a great relationship with a child and facilitate their learning. I am always learning from them!

I also spend time each week running the business which can be anything from meeting other nursery providers to altering our website or interviewing staff. I am lucky to have such a great team to work with.

The nursery day is extremely varied, very occasionally it can be exhausting but there is never a dull moment and I absolutely love it!

Things I like outside of the nursery: Dog walking, camping, playing the violin and singing

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Laura Bower
BA Hons Childhood Education and Culture, Early Years Teacher Status
I have worked in nurseries since I graduated in 2011 and joined the team at The Little Green Frog in 2015,
following a move back to Yorkshire and my home town.

I love my job and I really enjoy getting to know each child and their families. The best part is knowing that I am helping them to develop and gain independence.

Things I like outside of the nursery: Looking after and walking my little dog, Freddie, practising yoga and spending quality time with my friends and family.
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Leah Johnson
Ever since I completed my diploma in children’s learning and development I have looked forward to putting my skills into practise.
Becoming a Mummy myself put this on hold for a little while but I was delighted to start work at The Little Green Frog because this has given me the opportunity to use my skills and training to do something I love – helping children to learn and develop.

Things I like outside of the nursery: I enjoy playing football, shopping and being with my friends
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Adele Lucas
This is my first job since leaving sixth form at Prince Henry’s. It has been a life long ambition of mine to work with children and I am combining work at nursery with studying for my childcare degree.I love looking after children, they bring such joy and laughter!

I am enjoying working at The Little Green Frog because I am learning new skills all the time and this helps me to help the children develop as best they can.

Things I like outside of the nursery: Playing piano, reading, babysitting.
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Mark Jenkins
City and Guilds: General catering, Cooking for the Catering Industry, Food hygiene
I have been a chef for over 30 years and have worked in hotels, hospitals and schools.

I really like the creative side of my job and I get a lot satisfaction from making sure the children have good nutrious meals, it’s so important for their>
Things I like outside of the nursery: Football, pool, taxi-ing my teenage children around.
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Natalie Mosshaf
I moved from Yorkshire to Derbyshire in 2016 to continue my university education at Leeds. I previously worked as a team leader in a nursery in Derbyshire and I was keen to develop my experience with babies here at The Little Green Frog.

I have always been fascinated by child development, it happens so fast and you can see the children change before your eyes! I am passionate about giving the children the best I can and I love to find new and interesting ways to do this.

Things I like outside of the nursery:I love going back to Derbyshire and walking my dogs in the beautiful countryside. I love classic films, especially those staring Al Pacino
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Monika Witowska
I moved to England, from Poland, in 2005 and worked in a sandwich shop in Leeds where I improved my English speaking.

Working at The Little Green Frog is my first job with children in this country but I have worked for many years in nurseries and schools in Poland.

Working with children is my life, I have wanted to do this since I was young and I have always had really good relationships with children.

In my working day I really enjoy playing with the children and helping them learn. I also enjoy playing my guitar and singing with them.

Things I like outside of the nursery: Theatre, traveling, music
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Naomi Lucas
I enjoy working at The Little Green Frog as I like playing my part in supporting the children’s growth and development. It is lovely to spend time with the children and to see how far they come during their time with us.
It is a really varied job and in the future I would like to be a teacher so it is great work experience for me.

Things I like outside of the nursery: In my spare time I enjoy learning welsh and listening to music.
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Alisya Wilkinson
My little sister used to come to the Little Green Frog and really enjoyed it so when I got the chance to work here I took it. I enjoy preparing the children’s meals and chatting to the older children through the kitchen hatch whilst I do this.
I have experience working in other types of catering so helping with the children at meal times comes naturally to me. One of my favourite teas to prepare for the children is the Pita Pizzas.

Things I like outside of the nursery: My interest in food continues with my hobbies as I like to bake.
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Gill Dunlop
Ever since having my own children I have worked within childcare settings. I have been in a wide variety of places including playgroups, schools and university nurseries before coming to The Little Green Frog. After over 25 years’ experience my burning desire is still to be with the children.
My favourite area of learning is Language and Communication. I love reading stories with the children and helping them develop their speaking and listening skills through chatting and discussions.

Things I like outside of the nursery: I have recently got a little puppy who keeps me busy outside of work and I also enjoy walking.
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Becky Leach
I enjoy working at The Little Green Frog Nursery because I love spending time with the children and seeing them smiling every day. I am a mum and it’s great to use the skills I’ve developed at work as well as at home with my little boy.
In my previous setting I worked first in the kitchen and then with the children. In my role at The Little

Things I like outside of the nursery: camping, spending time with family and friends
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Amy Wilkinson
I really enjoy working here at The Little Green Frog. It’s lovely to see the children grow and learn every day. I always leave work with a smile on my face.
I have several years’ experience working in childcare settings including managing a soft play centre for over 4 years.

Things I like outside of the nursery: I enjoy crafts, upcycling furniture, music, walking and travel.
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Jayne Parkyn
My son came to The Little Green Frog and is now off to school so I have experience of the nursery both as a parent and as a member of the team here. Before having my son, I worked in a nursery and have experience of working with children across the 0-5 age range.
I love the variety in this job, no two days are the same, as children are always learning and developing so what I do has to always develop as well.

Things I like outside of the nursery: I am doing an Open University course in English Literature and so do a lot of reading. My little boy and I love to be outdoors so we have a lot of days out together.
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