Pre-school education

Sunbeams room age 30 – ­60 months…

sunbeams outside play
sunbeams in the tyres

Play is an essential part of being a child from earliest babyhood onwards.

As children grow they learn best through play and experiences that interest and inspire them. Sunbeams room, like Raindrops room is also led by an experienced and qualified early year’s teacher who plans carefully to ensure that individual children are supported in their natural development.

We provide thoughtfully selected resources including water, sand, physical play, creative materials and role play which change regularly with themes drawn from the children’s interests. We support and encourage children as their memory and imagination become established, enabling them to become creative and solve puzzles and problems for themselves.

In Sunbeams room we are able to offer grant funded nursery for all families. Eligible parents of 3 and 4 year olds can now get up to 30 hours free childcare per week. And, all parents can get 15 hours free  nursery education per week during term time. Because of the low ratios and highly qualified staff we are able to offer a high standard of education and this is an excellent choice for your child’s pre­school years.