Terms and conditions 2019

The nurseries polices and procedures are located on the parent’s notice board within the setting, it is your responsibility to read these policies before agreeing to the terms and conditions.


    • A registration fee of £50 is payable for a place.
    • Fees are applicable for the place, not for attendance.
    • A deposit of one week’s fees is due at the time of booking a place. (£20 for a fully funded place)
    • Deposits will be returned after the final account has been settled.
    • Fees are payable for the child’s booking pattern each month and so will vary month to month.
    • Nursery will claim Free Early Educational Entitlement for eligible children and show this clearly on your monthly invoice.
    • Fees are invoiced as monthly emails via our software system and the ParentAdmin app
    • Fees are payable by childcare vouchers, bacs or direct debit no later than the 27th of each month for the following month. (E.g 27th September for October fees.)
    • Any fees (including childcare vouchers) received late will be subject to a £20.00 extra charge.
    • Sibling discount of 10% applies to the older sibling if siblings are attending for a minimum of three days a week.
    • A discretionary holiday discount of may be applied for holidays over a month if two months’ notice is given.
    • Extra sessions may be booked in advance if there is space and once booked, must be paid for. Fees for extra/additional sessions are due at the time of booking or on the day.
    • Fees will normally be reviewed on an annual basis to keep in line with inflation however the nursery reserves the right to review fees at any time. One months notice will be given before any changes are implemented.
    • Should an account fall into arrears or you default on a pre-arranged payment option the manager will notify the parent/carer and give seven days to settle the outstanding amount before a final reminder is issued. Information regarding any outstanding debt will then be passes onto a debt recovery agency and their associated fees will be included in the final bill, this may affect your ability to obtain credit in the future. At this point the childcare place will be suspended until the amount has been cleared in full.

Policies and procedures

    • All nursery policies and procedures are keep on file, as hard copies in the nursery. Please ask if you would like to see them or if you would like us to email you a copy of any of our policies or procedures.


    • A notice period of four weeks in writing is required to cancel or alter a child’s sessions. You can withdraw your child at any time however payment in lieu of notice will be charged.

Informing Nursery

    • It is the parent/carers responsibility to inform nursery of any changes e.g. address, mobile number, other contact information, medical issues etc
    • It is your responsibility to inform nursery that your child will be absent.
    • Should you need someone other than you have listed at registration to collect your child please inform the nursery staff in advance. It is your responsibility to give the allocated person your child’s password, so that we know that they have the authority to collect your child. If no password is given then the staff will refuse to relinquish the child without exception, this is to ensure their safety (please refer to the nursery policies and procedures for further information).

Unauthorised Late Collections

    • The nursery closes at 6pm (unless you have booked for a late pick up) and morning sessions end at 1pm, when arriving to collect your child you should allow time for a handover conversation with the nursery staff which takes 5 – 10 minutes. Therefore the latest you should arrive to pick up your child is 5 minutes before the end of your child’s session,
    • Should you or a nominated person arrive late to collect the child then £20 will be charged for every fifteen minute period or part thereof. Late fees are non negotiable. Application of the late fee is at the discretion of the nursery.
    • It is your responsibility or that of the nominated carer to inform the nursery should you be running late (again please refer to the nursery’s policies and procedures for further information)

Complaints or concerns

    • If you have any minor concerns regarding the services we provide please talk to your child’s care bear in the first instance. We are here to listen and we want to get it right.
    • For any complaints or more serious issues please contact the nursery office and a member of the senior team will help you. Again, we value your views and want to work with you to resolve any problems.
    • If you feel that we have not resolved the problem you may contact Ofsted on 0300 1231231

Nursery culture and values

    • Our planning and practice is designed to support children to acquire tolerance and respect for their own and other cultures and communities. We actively promote diversity and tolerance of other faiths, cultures and race. We challenge gender, age, sexual orientation, cultural and racial stereotypes.
      We invite parents and families to share these values and we seek to engage with families and the wider community.


    • All accidents and incidents will be recorded and parents a required to sign these records.
    • Parents may provide a supply of liquid paracetamol (which we will store safely in accordance with our health and safety policy) and consent to this medication being given during the day when needed
    • Children must not come to nursery for 24 hours after an incident of vomiting or diarrhoea. If several children have upset stomachs we will increase this period to 48 hours.
    • If a child is suffering from a contagious disease, nursery reserves the right to refuse to accept children until we are satisfied that they are not infectious.
    • If your child is prescribed antibiotics please keep them at home until 48 hours dosage has been administered. Antibiotics may then by administered by the nursery team when a medication form has been completed by a parent.

Safeguarding children

    • The welfare of the children in our care is paramount. As a registered child care provider we are required to follow the local authority child protection procedures at all times. We will try to share any concerns we may have about your child however there may be occasions when we are obliged to talk to social care before we inform you. For further information please refer to nursery polices and procedures.
    • We enforce a no personal mobile phone useage policy within the children’s areas of the nursery. Should you need to use your mobile phone you may do so in the hall or in the nursery office.

Behaviour Policy

    • The behaviour policy within the nursery is set down in order to maintain a relaxed and happy atmosphere for all of its members. Should a child be behaving inappropriately then staff will inform you when you come to collect the child. We would politely request that you address any concerns the staff raise with your child.
    • The nursery reserves the right to withdraw your child’s place with no notice if their behaviour becomes a risk to other children.

Food and Drink

    • Fresh drinking water is available to all children throughout the day. Older children are able to serve themselves with water and all children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day as part of our commitment to offering healthy food and drink options.
    • Children are provided with nutritious, balanced drinks and snacks, details of which are displayed daily on the menu board.
    • We cater for all special dietary requirements. Please discuss these with your child’s care bear we will make a written record of your requirements.
    • We do not have facilities to store food brought from home.

Nursery Closures

    • The nursery will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.
    • The nursery will be closed for two days each year for whole team staff training. This will usually be advertised 3 months in advance.